Linnaeus Capital Partners B.V.

Global Capital for Development

Linnaeus Capital Partners B.V. (Linnaeus) was founded in 2009 and is an Amsterdam based independent and partner owned private equity fund that is providing development capital across a range of growth sectors.

The areas of interest are small to medium sized companies where unique and high growth potential can be identified. Linnaeus is a medium to long term investor with a hold horizon of five to seven years.

Investment Philosophy

Linnaeus has a wide range of investment interest and expertise and therefore does not restrict its interests to any particular sector. What it seeks and values is:

  • Experienced and driven teams
  • Sustainable technology (established proof of concept and strong IP)
  • A straight forward business plan that can address significant growth

Development Strategy

Of prime importance to Linnaeus is achieving a working and beneficial union with any company in which it invests. Linnaeus brings to the table both management expertise and global market knowledge and works with the existing team of a business to identify and correct areas of weakness and to strengthen and build upon its successes.

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A fundamental philosophy of Linnaeus is to help develop
a future vision
for any company
in which it invests.

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